Welcome to Creature Curation

I am Brian Colin; sculptor, world builder, game master, father, designer, developer, and idea generator. I formed Creature Curation, LLC as my company that allows me to create all the things which spark my curiosity.

Always Dreaming in a Far Off Land

It was fourth grade when I picked up my first set of polyhedral dice and set off on a quest to slay a dragon. The world my imagination was transported to had me hooked on the very first adventure. That quickly developed into a strong love of creative storytelling and world building.

Throughout the years I have never allowed myself to lose that imagination and sense of wonder from my childhood. Instead I have harnessed that creativity into my own fantasy world Revilo. I am exploring it in many ways including sculpture, world building for role playing games, and more. The creations on this site capture the mythology I am developing. I hope it will inspire a spark of creativity for someone else.

Please explore with me, keep your mind wandering, and never quite grow up as Creature Curation brings adventure and imagination to your home.