Creature Curation to Publish Three New Vast Grimm Expanded Books under the Vast Grimm Horde 3rd Party License

Creature Curation is proud to announce that it will be the sole publisher of three new Vast Grimm expanded books under the Vast Grimm Horde 3rd party license. To keep Vast Grimm’s momentum going and continue delivering new adventures and lore for Vast Grimm’s growing fanbase, Brian Colin (President of Creature Curation and co-creator of Vast Grimm) is utilizing the Horde 3rd Party License he originally established to encourage and inspire others to create projects for Vast Grimm.

The new Vast Grimm expanded books will feature a new look and design to welcome the system into a new chapter. While Creature Curation will continue to partner with its first Vast Grimm publishing partner, Infinite Black, for the existing versions of the Vast Grimm Core Ruleset and supplements published to date, Creature Curation is excited to partner with new third parties to grow the Vast Grimm universe.

From Brian Colin 

I am so excited to get these new books and this new look into the hands of Vast Grimm fans. From what’s on the pages, to the excitement it will bring to game tables, the future of Vast Grimm looks bright.

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