DragonCon 2016 Recap

Falling In Love

All Over Again

It’s hard to believe that I have been in the comics and pop art area of DragonCon since 2009. I’ve gotten to see the whole show grow. From being poolside at the Hyatt my first year to now being in the immense AmericasMart it has been one fun ride!

As soon as I start heading into downtown for load-in,  I can’t wait to see so many people excited and happy about their own personal fandom. This show, more than any other I’ve been a part of, brings out so many folks nerding out about what they’re into. It fills me with an overwhelming sense of joy. I don’t even have to attend any panels, shows, or events to have a smile on my face for five days straight.

The icing on this delicious cake is that I get to share my creations with friends both old and new each year.

Additional Benefits

of DragonCon

I got a lot of great pick ups this year. Two of my favorites were a bunch of albums from Midnight Syndicate and Zombies!!! Jr.. The game instantly became a family favorite, especially for Wyatt! I’ve now been listening to the cds whenever I sculpt, paint, or draw! Next stop is to have them on while I run a game.

A few of the other items I picked were a dice bag for my son, a gigantic 45mm d20 from Norse Foundry, and samples from Smooth On.

On My Feet

To Keep Hustling

At first I was a little apprehensive about the Comics and Pop Art moving to the AmericasMart this year. I even let it affect my decision to purchase a table vs. a booth. I made the most of the small space though by cramming as much art into it as I could! I even pushed my table back against my wall so that folks could get a closer look at my sculptures. The foot traffic was good on the 3rd floor, even with people being over-stimulated after seeing all of the amazing vendors on the two floors below.

Now that a few weeks have passed since DC, I am confident that next year will be even better as more people become aware of the move. I’m already thinking through how I will arrange my booth next year and all of the new pieces I plan to bring!

If you stopped by this year to talk to me, thank you! I hope to see you again in about 50 weeks!