FATE Gaming Session 1

The first session of Revilo: Age of Discovery FATE game was fantastic! I have a great group of friends that I am extremely comfortable play-testing the setting with. I know that if I screw something up it won’t be a big deal and they will roll with it.

This game meant a lot to me. It was the first real play session in the world I am building, and it is the foundation for the FATE setting book I am writing. Just the idea of people playing in Revilo brought me a ton of joy. Then to have my friends adding to it with their characters backstories and their contributions during the game completely made my day! Not only that, but a lot of what they are coming up with will become canon in the actual setting.

When I run a game I have ideas of what is currently going on in the setting, a few non-player characters/adversaries created, and an idea of one conflict. The rest I leave to make up as the game progresses. I feel that if too much is detailed out before the game it will restrict the choices the players will make and they will add less flavor to the overall campaign.

Plus for me it is way more fun to be quick on my toes to come up with new content as we go.

If there are other GMs out there reading this, does a style like this work for you?

The food at our game has grown up a bit since the days of Funyuns & Dr. Pepper. Ken made donuts with a coconut milk cream filling, Miles made all the elements to put your own shrimp po boys together, and Amy baked brownies. The dining at our games has been awesome!

What do you eat at your games? I’d love to hear what folks are cooking up.

Next up, I will do a full story recap soon of what happened in the game in a narrative style.

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