My First Twitch Stream – A Recap

Two Hours Went Quickly

I am really happy with how my first Twitch stream went. I was able to demonstrate how I use Magic Sculpt. Determined that I shouldn’t sketch with my current lighting set up, and started to paint one of my resin cast heads.

All of that and I got to chat with some friends along the way!

How Long Does it Take

A Regularly Asked Question

I get asked how long my creatures take me pretty often at shows. I usually don’t keep track. Now that I will be streaming most of my sculpting I will be able to gauge each one a lot easier. This was sculpted on a small bust that I bought on clearance at a hobby store. I sculpted on top using custom eyes I made and Magic Sculpt. It took about an hour & a half total.

The Last 30

Some quick painting

After I finished the sculpting I started to sketch my next creation and realized that my pencil lines were not going to be dark enough to show up. So I grabbed one of my Horvath heads that needed some paint and made some good progress.

I will be sharing more of my processes on Twitch regularly Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.