The party loots Lord Valtor’s body to find a letter from Acryd the Keeper of Secrets. It tells them to detain their group in town.

Sandstone knows of Ackryd but has never met him.

They plant a return letter on his body to misdirect the Greyskrulls who are pursuing them.

Blector convinces the kids who had been orphaned into the forest to corroborate on the story. While this plan is being hatched, Phineas analyzes three potions that were found on Lord Valtor. The first two are quickly assessed as Polymorph and Healing.

Phineas can not quite figure out the third, Mayzee grabs it and gives it a chug, only to do a spit take as his mouth is quickly being eaten away by an acid. His mouth is then covered in sores.

The party continues towards the conclave, which for some reason has been moved south east. Traditionally it is held in the Great Halls of the Icy Divide. Heading down the river they come upon a Groblynn home. Blector approaches to talk to them about getting a boat. (the Groblynn family name is Vandermoot)

They agree to help and call for dinner. 6 adults, 2 elderly, and at least 8 kids. Blector goes directly info an impassioned speech about Outlanders. The Vandermoots have only heard rumors of the outlanders.

The Groblynns have an interesting form of electricity as a giant water wheel spins, conducting electricity to power lights throughout their house. Phineas is fascinated and inquires to the inventors who is one of the elderly women and her deceased husband.

Jasper Vandermoot lets them know that the tree roots have grown over the river in places. So Phineas invents hedge clippers for the front of the boat that will be taken down stream.

The party sets out before dawn and when they reach the lining of the Forest of the Dead it is colorless and lifeless.

Sandstone spots a Grinataur in the forest.

The clippers on the boat save the party from a giant log, just in time to see 2 Unliving, a Grinataur and an Outlander. Though the party is wearing bone masks to hide their appearance, Sandstone notices a spark of intelligence in the Outlander. This Unliving knows the party is alive and unleashes a loud shrill wail.

Battle ensues.

Silas jumps out of the boat cutting the outlander in two. Blector sweeps the Grinataur over. Sandstone jumps out, slips, goes under the water and the roots which seem to be alive entangle him. Blector leaps and a situational aspect “Death Lurks Everywhere” is now active.

Silas helps Sandstone back into the boat. As they paddle furiously south they see tons of unliving funneling toward Outlander. The party escapes. They follow the river south to see villages of different species across the river.

Then they notice a large group to the north and set up a camp up in the trees.

During the last watch Blector notices a Burnadazi sitting 10′ away eating some small mammal. He is a Keeper of Secrets and most likely Ackryd. When engaged he says another Keeper named Gardain has sent him. Sandstone senses that Ackryd is full of  shit. Ackryd tells them the conclave has moved back to its original destination in the north.

Ackryd tries to provide Silas and becomes belligerent saying Sandstone is coming with him. Blector takes his side (Compelled to protect Keepers of Secrets). Ackryd and Silas engage in battle and it is on.

Mayzee notices there is something wrong with Ackryd’s fragment. Its glow is dark and evil looking.

Phineas slingsots the acid vial at Ackryd’s face and hits him right in the eye. The party kills Ackryd. The fragment in his chest floats out, Blector tries to grab it. He is shocked, has a bunch of mental flashes and is transformed into a Keeper of Secrets.

Phineas rigs Ackryds body to explode.