What Makes a Creature Curator

Hi, I’m Brian Colin; I draw, paint, design, and sculpt all of the fantastical monsters that have found their way into my imagination. They take on many forms from stories and paintings to sculpted taxidermy style mounts. At the heart of all of my efforts and inspiration lies my fantasy world which I explore when I close my eyes. I hope you enjoy the life I’ve given these critters.

The Evolution of His Craft

Brian hasn’t always created fantastical beasts to outfit the adventurous home. Long ago he set out for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with the dreams of becoming a comic book artist.

After finishing college he became a full time print designer so that he could continue to afford to pursue his passions and creativity. In the late hours of the evening and the wee hours of the morning is when he finds myself creating art.

In 1999 Brian published his first comic book series as well as an anthology. He then returned to the industry to publish another limited series that was painted in watercolor in 2004. This long-term commitment to a publishing a monthly comic book led him to painting individual canvases of robots and monsters with pop-surrealistic themes. Painting these found a way to sooth his artistic cravings in a much shorter timespan. Around this time Brian began to experiment with customizing toys by sculpting on them.

A toy designer told him about this great air-drying apoxy, Magic Sculpt. The only place he could find to order it from was a taxidermy shop. Once he received their catalog in the mail he became inspired to make his creatures life-sized. Each of the critters he creates is from his continually growing fantasy world of Revilo.