On a journey through the south of Revilo I ran into a Reaper. This creature was by far the most complex I had encountered in Revilo. He was kind enough to sit at my fire and share a meal.

Upon first glance you might think this to be some sort of dragon, but there is much more to him than that. There were in fact two creatures making up his body; each with their own independent brain and appendages. There was also a hive on his side where smaller parasites were living off of his body. Each of the beings were aware of the others and knew that they must all exist harmoniously.

The thing that struck me the most however was the tattoo on his neck. Not so much what it said (Reap What You Sow), but the human element which made him seem less like an animal and more like you or me.

From our conversations I learned that Reapers were some of the most revered in the lands. At one time they ruled over all of Revilo but as time has progressed their numbers have dwindled and so has their influence.