We grew up playing classic role playing games and wouldn’t be who we are without them. Creature Curation is a Fate First company. When we first create rpg content it is for use with the Fate Core rules. Many of our products are then converted to 5e and d20 3.5.

Cardography is the perfect companion to your favorite role playing game.

Each deck comes with a complete adventure module downloadable for Fate, 5e, and d20 3.5. This dungeon in a deck is configurable in almost infinite ways. Your group can play through in the original layout, or mix it up and arrange the dungeon any way you want! Whether you are a gaming veteran or a kid just beginning your quest, Cardography is certain bring countless hours of fun to your table!

Each setting is filled with surprise for your players. Five original monsters and five new magic items included in each module, all from the World of Revilo.

Officially releasing in July, early copies can be picked up at Origins Game Fair and GenCon.

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Revilo: Creature Collection Volume 1 was successfully funded on Kickstarter. As part of that collection the 36 creatures and 5 Revilian Artifacts have been converted as an added supplement for use in Fate and 5e.

World of Revilo: Age of Discovery will be the first full role playing setting we publish. It will be a full Campaign Setting, exploring all of Revilo. It will be for the highly cinematic and narrative system of Fate created by Evil Hat.

We are currently play-testing the system including different species from the world as well as how magic works in our rule book.

Look for the Kickstarter launching in late 2018 with the book to be published by Norse Foundry’s division Norse Publishing.

Recorded Episodes

RPG Pins & Patches show off your love of role playing games!

Inspired by classic RPGs we are creating a line of enamel pins & embroidered iron-on patches so we can wear our love of the game! Buy them in the store here!