We grew up playing classic role-playing games and wouldn’t be who we are without them. At Creature Curation we explore worlds that encourage players and GMs to harness their imagination.

World by World (WxW) is a new rules-light RPG system that makes it easy to jump in and start playing quickly.

There are currently two settings being developed for it with more jotted down in our notebooks.


Vast Grimm™ is a rules-light RPG where everyone must band together in order to keep humanity alive.

This Sci-fi horror game is not one you will want to miss.

World of Revilo™ was successfully funded on Kickstarter and will be shipping to backers in June/July 2020. It is meant to be used with the 5th edition of the world’s most popular role-playing game.

Items included in the project are:
World of Revilo: Campaign Setting
Revilo Bestiary™: Boheum’s Guide to Monsters
GM Screen
Revilo Bestiary: Monster Pawns Set 1
Revilo Bestiary: Monster Pawns Set 2
Revilo Bestiary: Deck of Monsters 1
Revilo Bestiary: Deck of Monsters 2

Cardography is the perfect companion to your favorite role playing game.

Each deck comes with a complete adventure module downloadable for 5e. This dungeon in a deck is configurable in almost infinite ways. Your group can play through in the original layout, or mix it up and arrange the dungeon any way you want! Whether you are a gaming veteran or a kid just beginning your quest, Cardography is certain bring countless hours of fun to your table!

Each setting is filled with surprise for your players. Five original monsters and five new magic items included in each module, all from the World of Revilo.

Click here to learn about Cardography.

Not playing at a physical table?

We’ve got you covered.