World by World (WxW) is a rules-light roleplaying game engine that allows for quick and easy learning, fast customization, and fantastic storytelling!

Below are the worlds we currently have in development. Once we publish the first world, we will open up the 3rd party license to allow others to create their own games using the WxW engine.

The first setting for WxW is Detrix. It’s a bit of Cabin in the Woods meets Stranger Things meets Supernatural. An epic Urban Fantasy set in the mid-90s.

By Brian Colin with illustrations by Carey Drake

Content for Detrix is currently being released monthly to our supporters through Patreon. Join the Explorers Club here!

The world of Trolls & Bridges is being devastated by natural disasters. Now they must seek out a new home by crossing their magical bridges. Can you make friends in this new land and find safe passage for your family & friends before your world collapses?

By Brian & Wyatt Colin with illustrations by Carey Drake